News item 14-01-2022

During the International Landfill Symposium in Sardinia, we presented the latest investigation results and application possibilities for Trisoplast. It has been shown that under certain circumstances:

💡 Trisoplast is suitable for direct application on water bottoms. Very useful if sealing of water bottoms is required.
💡 Open steel tube piles can be installed right through an existing layer of Trisoplast, without affecting the Trisoplast sealing properties.
💡 Trisoplast can also be installed in subsurface vertical screens. In-situ isolation of water or contaminants is now possible from the sidewalls as well.
💡 Trisoplast in fully saturated circumstances, keep sits geotechnical strength, making it especially suitable for applications in steep slopes.
💡 Trisoplast is capable of following differential settlements without loss of its sealing properties. Way better than traditional mineral sealing materials such as natural clay.

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