Trisoplast’s properties also make this mineral liner extremely well suited to industrial applications. These include tank terminals, waste recycling centres, disposal sites, water treatment plants and shredder companies.


Highly effective isolation properties

Industry often handles hazardous or polluting substances. You need to be very careful when selecting a liner solution to isolate substances like that. The complex composition of substances used in the industrial sector requires a liner that is easy to apply in relatively inaccessible locations but which, at the same time, has highly effective isolation properties. It is this combination of properties that makes Trisoplast the first choice for industry.


On-site installation

The special clay-polymer component is mixed with sand, on-site, and then installed. When a limited amount of water is added, the bentonite clay swells up and forms a matrix of chemical bonds with the polymer. This creates a strong, cohesive gel structure with considerably better isolating properties than traditional mineral liner materials. This prevents pollutants from leaking out into the soil, the air or the water (including sources of drink-ing water).



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