Solutions with good isolating properties are absolutely essential in excavation works, road construction and hydraulic engineering projects. These range from work involving multi-storey car parks and cellars to the insulation of cables and pipes: Trisoplast offers a solution. Because it can be easily processed, even in the most inaccessible locations, Trisoplast has been widely adopted by the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Wide range of uses

The effective management of groundwater and rainwater is an important factor in the civil construction sector and in civil engineering projects. This is where a liner comes in. Trisoplast is a mineral solution that comes into its own both on large surfaces and in small spaces. Its high degree of flexibility and durability set it apart from the competition, as does its wide range of uses in the construction and infrastructure sectors. These include renovating cellars to create watertight structures, sealing around cuttings and tunnels, or installing the bridge decks for ecoducts.

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Easily moulded

In addition to its versatile range of applications, Trisoplast is easily moulded around ducts and structures. Trisoplast’s self-healing capacity and its robust composition make it highly resistant to puncturing by sharp elements (pebbles, construction waste, etc.) in the top and bottom layers, which are unavoidable on a construction site. Film-based solutions (geomembranes), for example, are far less resistant to puncturing. Its chewing gum-like properties mean that Trisoplast is easily moulded, which is invaluable on poor substrates and when built struc-tures settle. Trisoplast has a substantial water retention capacity and is resistant to shrinkage. So, in situations where traditional clay liners tend to dry out and crack, Trisoplast goes on working. Together, these properties result in a durable, safe and simple liner that is quick to install. Even when it has to be moulded around numer-ous connections.



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