our history

Trisoplast is now used all over the world. From China to South America. This success story started right here in the Netherlands. In 1995, to be precise. That was when a predecessor of the Dutch Tritech Solutions (the operating company responsible for the worldwide use of Trisoplast) installed the first Trisoplast bottom liner at a landfill site.


This initial order, from a waste management company in Amersfoort with a nine hectare site, was a great suc-cess. This project got the Trisoplast brand off to a great start, and helped make it the success that it is today. After that first project, it did not take long before other landfill sites discovered the benefits of this ultra-strong liner. In the years that followed, this product became the most popular mineral liner at Dutch landfill sites.

Trisoplast Lelystad-438.jpg

Partners throughout the world

Trisoplast established partnerships throughout the world, becoming a global, frequently used solution in the process. Both within the world of waste management and beyond. In addition, this unique combination of ben-tonite clay-polymer gel, filler and water is being widely used in civil engineering projects, landscaping and in-dustry.


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