The innovative mixture of natural constituents, combined with polymer technology, gives Trisoplast a longer service life than many other liner materials. This is an essential property in the sectors where Trisoplast is used. Whether these involve projects in construction, waste management or landscape architecture.


Opt for durability

The problem with many lining products is that their performance eventually becomes degraded by environ-mental factors. This can sometimes happen very gradually, sometimes very quickly. If performance falls below the minimum requirements imposed during a project’s design phase, then measures need to be taken. You naturally want to avoid these follow-up costs, or to put them off for as long as possible. If the system needs to be replaced, this often means that the entire structure has to be reworked. Aside from the enormous expense involved, this results in considerable inconvenience to the user and to those living in the immediate area. In addition, still more scarce raw materials are consumed in the process of replacing these systems. The solution? Opting for a sustainable material with a long service life.

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And that’s where Trisoplast comes in. We used a unique mixture of constituents to create an innovative solution that is much more resistant to environmental factors over time. Thanks to its high plasticity and chewing gum-like properties, this system is highly resistant to cracking and tearing – problems that often affect other liner systems. Trisoplast is also unique in terms of its mechanical properties. High friction angles, combined with enormous cohesion, make it possible to design steeper slopes without the need for extra reinforcement. Its superior isolating properties (which are due to its unique composition and polymer additive) also set Trisoplast apart from the rest. This means a thinner layer of liner is sufficient, which creates more usable space. In other words, once the system is in place, you will have peace of mind for the foreseeable future. In this way, we can make life easier for our clients, keep the longer term costs to a minimum, and protect the surrounding area using a proven natural solution.


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