Time planning Completed
Client Attero
Location Wijster

The project

Wijster, in the province of Drenthe, is the home base of the waste management company Attero. Their approach to waste focuses on efficiency, sustainability and safety, core values that are also shared by Trisoplast. This is also why we have been an important Attero partner for decades. We have carried out various projects for them during this time, including the installation of bottom, intermediate and top liners at their waste depots. A good example is the top liner and leakproof membrane we installed in Wijster between 2014 and 2016.


Installation with cranes

Installing the top liner over a 25,000-m2-large slope on the site was a major challenge. In fact, it took four years to prepare the site before Trisoplast could get to work on it! The job, which we did together with Cofra (who laid the membrane) and Fuhler (who did the excavating), had to be carried out on a very steep slope; so steep (gradients of up to 1:2) that it was impossible to use machines on it. The solution was to install the Trisoplast using three long-boom cranes and two tracked dumpers. The membrane and the drainage mat were laid down with a Spierings crane with a reach of no less than 60 metres. This job was a real challenge, but thanks to the highly flexible installation using Trisoplast, good teamwork and mild weather conditions, we were able to complete the project within the deadline.

Bottom ash storage

Trisoplast was also chosen as the best sealing solution on other parts of the site. For example, a leakproof membrane was required under storage basins for incinerator bottom ash. Trisoplast sealed the 4500-m2 concrete floor so that the bottom ash processed on the site could be stored safely.

Richard Tonino


‘The excellent collaboration helped ensure that we could deliver on time.’

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