Time planning Completed
Client Vopak / RVB Infra
Location Eemshaven, Groningen

The project

Eleven tanks with a combined capacity of 660,000 m3 and covering an area of 20,000 m2; impressive figures like these are music to our ears. The project in question involved the construction of a storage terminal for oil in Eemshaven in the province of Groningen. RVB Infra commissioned Trisoplast to seal the containment dikes surrounding the terminal.

Safety and experience

With a transhipment capacity of some 4,176,000 tonnes, Eemshaven is one of the Netherlands’ largest transhipment ports. This clearly demands a keen eye for safety, and it was also reason for our customer, Vopak, to focus explicitly on safety and experience when it put the construction of a new storage terminal with eleven tanks of 60,000 m3 out to tender. The solid reputations of Trisoplast and GID Milieutechniek (the installer) perfectly fit the bill and we were awarded the contract to seal the containment dikes surrounding the terminal with a leakproof Trisoplast liner.

Flexible installation

The dikes have a combined surface area of 20,000 m2, and the goal was to strengthen them and seal them so tightly that any oil spills would be contained without damage to the environment. To achieve this, we laid down a 7-centimetre layer of Trisoplast. We compacted the layer using two different methods: a plate compactor for the more horizontal surfaces and a crane with roller compactor for the steeper dike slopes. The high chemical resistance of our product and the flexible installation were among the advantages of using Trisoplast in this project.


Arend van de Pol

Manager Industry & Infra

‘It is a great end result for both us and the client.’

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