Time planning Completed
Client Oiltanking Terneuzen / KWS Infra
Location Braakmanhaven, Terneuzen

The project

The Braakmanhaven in Terneuzen is centrally located between the mainports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The port is ideally located for the storage and transhipment of goods, so it is no surprise that this is a very busy place. Oiltanking Terneuzen has no less than 40 oil storage tanks here. And who was responsible for the leak detection liner under the tanks? Trisoplast!

Preventing leaks

The 40 tanks used by Terneuzen have a combined capacity of more than 472,000 m3. These enormous tanks are used for the storage and transhipment of petrochemical products, and in particular oil... a lot of oil. With its unparalleled chemical resistance, a Trisoplast liner was chosen to prevent leaks from getting into the ground under the terminal.

Unique properties

KWS Infra was contracted to install the 21,000 m2 of Trisoplast liner. Thanks to its unique properties, we were able to produce the Trisoplast on site, which allowed the work to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The Trisoplast barrier of 7 centimetres thick was covered by a sand asphalt layer of 5 centimetres. Together with the steel tank floor and a metre of sand under the Trisoplast, this is one of the firmest foundations ever made.

Arend van de Pol

Manager Industry & Infra

‘We create safe solutions specific to clients’ wishes on a daily basis.’

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