Time planning Completed
Client RVB Infra Harderwijk
Location Bergambacht

The project

Every project is different. We sometimes have to install Trisoplast in very enclosed spaces, on steep slopes, and occasionally on very abnormal terrain. This latter situation certainly applied to the sealing work we did for a new outdoor site for Kruiswijk recycling in Bergambacht. The terrain was a forest of piles.

Working on dragline mats

Some soils are more stable than others. The site Kruiswijk Recycling planned to build on was highly susceptible to subsidence. To stabilise the soil, piles had been driven in a grid pattern, 17 metres deep, whereby their tops stuck just above the ground. Stable: yes. Practical: not really. ‘The Trisoplast, the separating membrane and the concrete floor were installed right on top of the piles,’ explains Arend van de Pol, who represented Trisoplast for this project. ‘To prevent damage to the piles, we had to drive the machines over dragline mats. However, waterproofing the joins between the Trisoplast, the concrete and the piles was as easy as pie!’

New project in 2018

This was a good workaround, it turned out, because this part of the site – with a surface area of 8200 m2 – is now ready to serve as a storage location for various types of materials. The experience of installing Trisoplast between piles will come in useful again in 2018, when phase 2 will be carried out on a site of similar size.

Arend van de Pol

Manager Industry & Infra

‘This project involving pile foundations was challenging, but together we created a beautiful end product.’

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