Time planning Completed
Client Prise D’eau, Contractor Liebregts
Location Tilburg

The project

Prise D’eau is a beautiful golf resort located just outside the town of Tilburg. The course has 27 holes and – surprise surprise – lots of grass. To supply all that grass with water, it was decided to create a water feature of 25,000 m2 as part of a new 9-hole course. This would prevent depletion of the groundwater and the desiccation of the upper soil layer. It turned out to be one of the better Trisoplast water projects of the past years.

On-site production

‘The deadline made it a real challenge,’ explains Eugène Timmermans, project leader. ‘The golf course was due to open, so we needed to create the water feature within a narrow window of time.’ A huge volume of sand suitable for the production of Trisoplast was excavated during the construction of the 9-hole course, so it was decided to produce the liner on site. This is a fine example of how in-situ raw materials can be used to save on both purchase and transport costs.

Success story

One of the most important conditions of the project was that the water feature had to look as natural as possible. ‘It’s impossible to see that we used Trisoplast here,’ says Eugène. ‘The Trisoplast liner perfectly follows the natural lines of the water feature. Trisoplast already has an intrinsically natural appearance, and the liner has been made even more invisible under a layer of soil, not only on the bed of the lake, but also on all the banks and various other points where the water feature meets the land.’ The water feature was completed on time and harmonizes perfectly with the beautiful forested environment of the golf course. This was a success story for the customer and for Trisoplast. A hole in one!

Eugène Timmermans

Commercial Manager

‘This was one of my favourite projects, as it delivered an amazing end result and was completed quickly.’

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