Time planning Completed
Client FHP Ploegmakers
Location Schijndel

The project

You can do a lot with 400,000 m2 of space. Really a lot. So it is no surprise that this former landfill has been the subject of several different zoning plans. In 2016, the last section of the landfill was sealed with Trisoplast, ready for a new start.

From a mud run to a villa

Mountain bike races, national cyclocross championships, running races and the construction of luxury villas; the Vlagheide in Schijndel is a popular site for all manner of reasons. It was clearly of the utmost importance to provide this former landfill with a reliable and permanent liner to ensure that both residents and sportspeople would remain absolutely safe. A robust sealing layer was needed, but it would also have to be flexible and resistant to chemicals so that it could be laid over various types of landfill waste, from foundry sand and bottom ash to steel slag and CRT glass; the entire site was covered in the stuff! We confidently took up this challenge and brought it to a successful completion. The site is now an attractive place to live and recreate. ‘Who would have dared dream of this ten years ago!’ exclaims project leader Arend van de Pol. ‘Luxury villas on prime real estate practically on top of a former landfill; we got the job done, and we’re very proud of that!’

Arend van de Pol

Manager Industry & Infra

‘We are proud of this great result in creating luxurious villas next to a former landfill site.’

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