Time planning Completed
Client Combinatie Badhoever Bogen
Location Badhoevedorp

The project

Trisoplast is often installed horizontally, for example to line a canal or a tank depot. However, with a bit of creativity, our handy and flexible liner mix can be applied in all types of situations, including vertically. Our work on the A9 motorway near Badhoevedorp is a good example.

Vertical wall

The A9 motorway has been subject to various major road maintenance projects in recent years. One of these projects involved diverting part of the A9 to the west to make the town of Badhoevedorp, on the edge of Amsterdam, more liveable. This included the construction of a 13-metre-high barrier wall of 240 metres long. An essential requirement was that the wall had to be impermeable. The motorway itself was constructed on a raised bed of incinerator bottom ash, and the contaminants in this layer were not allowed to leach into the environment. Trisoplast provided a liner that met the requirements. It was a painstaking process involving high precision and close cooperation.


To create a seamless join with the metres-thick wall consisting of layers of geogrid and stabilised aggregate, we used a steel template to install a 10-centimetre-thick Trisoplast wall in front of it. We installed the Trisoplast in layers of about 30 centimetres high, so the space behind it could be filled with compacted aggregate. Once a layer was completed over the entire length of the wall, another layer of geogrid would be laid down after which we started with the next 30 centimetres. This was a challenging project, because we were dependent on the method and speed with which the geogrid was installed.

Arend van de Pol

Manager Industry & Infra

‘Trisoplast’s versatility was demonstrated extremely well here.’

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