News item 30-10-2018

The Zeeasterweg waste disposal facility in Lelystad, which spans 93 hectares, is already one of the most environmentally friendly landfills in the Netherlands thanks to the Trisoplast used in sealing its underside. The largest landfill site in the Flevopolder and contractor Murmex already opted for the Trisoplast clay-polymer mixture in 2005, 2008, and 2012. In part, as prior activities were so successful, GID can work in the polder once again.

The new landfill that GID was tasked with working on since the spring of 2018 is five hectares in size. It differs from other landfills on one key point. Waste processor Afvalzorg’s proprietary design specified that the drainage pipes are located in gutters which are partially submerged into the ground. A ten-centimetre thick layer of Trisoplast has been applied to this cover. The wavy construction should disperse water more effectively and prevent a larger quantity from remaining on the bottom seal for a long time. This leachate seeps through the deposited waste from above, which means that it is contaminated and must not be released into the environment without prior treatment.


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