Since 1990, Jack Wammes has been working as director of Tritech Natural and GID Milieutechniek, which includes the products Trisoplast, Trisolock and Multriwell. These products have been successfully developed and applied in the Netherlands and abroad. Jack has devoted himself to this development with enormous passion and commitment. The result: Trisoplast has acquired a good position as an effective and reliable sealing layer and Multriwell is a frequently used gas extraction system.
In mid-2021, Jack has indicated that he wants to step down from the daily management of Tritech and GID. Fortunately, Jack continues to be part of Tritech and GID on a part-time basis in the role of strategic advisor and to support the team with advice and action at special projects.

As of 1 January Haico Wevers, took over as director of Tritech Natural and GID Milieutechniek and has in that capacity taken over all management duties and responsibilities from Jack. With the very enthusiastic team, we would like to continue the good relationship that has been built up with our customers, suppliers and partners and, where possible, expand it.


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