Bulletin 18-09-2018

One of Trisoplast’s first mixing plants has received a complete makeover. The former ‘Menger 2’ (mixer 2) has been returned after five years of use by our Mallorca-based Spanish licensee. Prior to that, this mixer – which was constructed on a trailer – had provided long and loyal service in the Netherlands. The installation has been completely dismantled and overhauled, and it's now impossible to tell the result apart from a new model. The makeover also included a fresh coat of paint. The mixer now sports Trisoplast’s purple and grey colours, befitting our corporate style.

However, the most important improvement is in the controls. Instead of the electric button panel, the mixer now has now been completely rewired and includes PLC control with a smart laptop control system in multiple language versions. Due to these drastic changes, the name ‘Menger 2’ is no longer fit for purpose. Following the makeover, the machine has been renamed ‘Menger 8’ (mixer 8)."


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