gid milieutechniek

GID Milieutechniek is the operating company that processes Trisoplast in the Netherlands and elsewhere, for numerous projects. But that’s not all GID does. The company specialises in a range of innovative technologies. From landfill degassing to sheet pile walls.

GID Milieutechniek is based in Velddriel. The company develops and implements progressive solutions in the areas of environmental protection, landscaping, construction and infrastructure. It’s been doing this for more than 20 years now, very successfully. Harnessing smart technologies to deliver the maximum benefit to people and the environment. That is the goal.

Trisoplast is playing a major part in this. But it is far from being GID’s only innovative product. Multriwell® is used for solutions in the field of landfill degassing and in the practical reuse of energy. It also produces Trisolock®, plastic sheet piling for use in sheet piling projects.

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